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 Having a very hard time with this year madden 12 game

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PostSubject: Having a very hard time with this year madden 12 game   Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:37 am

Seem that this year madden has me all but twisted i cant seem to score enough points on offense. Plus on defense i cant seem to stop any one or anybody. I have tried to change playbooks and tried to run a simple and basic offense but still no luck at all. Yes i go to practice mode and i have labb with differnt guys online. But i am still struggling with this madden and it got me to the point of putting it down for good. Maybe because i dont seem to be good at reading defenses or making the correct reads hurts my game. Or not being able to play good defense also hurts my chances of winning. But i am tired of being the one that always has to take it on the chin. Or the easy game do to my lack of madden skills. So i ask is there any help for me or will this just be a ongoing thing that continue to follow me. Anyone here on this forum care to respond the floor is yours thank you ALC king king king
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Having a very hard time with this year madden 12 game
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